The Columbia Basin Project was created by "Big Government."

The entire economy of this region was made possible by our federal government. No private entity could have undertaken the challenge to build Grand Coulee Dam, construct 331 miles of canals, and irrigate 670,000 acres of desert - not to mention the roads, dams, locks, and other infrastructure to get our products to market. You can also thank the federal government for financing the hydroelectric dams that provide low cost electricity that is responsible for thousands of local family wage jobs.

Our entire way of life in Grant County is possible only because the American people were willing to work together and pledge their tax dollars to build this miracle that we now take for granted.

The next time you hear someone say that the government should stay out of our lives remind them that the job they have, the food they eat, the electricity they use, and the roads on which they drive are only possible because of our government institutions give us the foundation to live our lives and realize our dreams.

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