"Democracy Must Be Something More Than Two Wolves and a Sheep Voting on What to Have For Dinner" - James Bovard

  • The Women's March was the largest public demonstration in the history of the world.
  • The Republican party is in disarray because we are engaged.
  • Democrats are winning in traditional Republican districts.
  • Now that the Republicans are in power, voters have come face to face with the conservative agenda and they don't like what they see.

Many of us are waking up to find that elections really do have consequences. From supporting a candidate to becoming a Precinct Committee Officer we offer a guide on how to make a difference.

Join the GCD

The first step is to join your local county Democratic organization. That's us!

Become a PCO

The PCO is where the shoe leather meets the road and how voters change our country for the better.

Support a Candidate

Calling, door-belling, signs, event organizing, and donations are how our people get elected.