Your Vote Matters

Many of our local elections are won by less than a hundred votes. The Moses Lake school bond election was won by less than 10 votes! And even though we live in a red county, your statewide vote is important to keeping Washington's government in the hands of progressive leaders.

Primary elections give you a special opportunity to have a huge impact. Washington is a "Top 2" primary election state. The top two candidates, even if they are from the same party, get on the ballot. In 2016 we had a traditional conservative Republican and a radical Tea Party Republican on our ballot for 4th District Representative. Our choice was between "Dumb and Dumber." That happened because conservatives in our district voted in the primary and progressives didn't. We are changing that.

Grant County Democrats are working with the progressive voters in our district to make our voice heard.

How To Register

If you are not registered to vote in Grant County we can walk you through the process.

Know Your Candidates

Here is the information you need to know to make an intelligent voting decision.

Election Calendar

Like painting, preparation is the key for voting effectively. Know who's on your side and be ready for primary elections.