Join The Indivisible Movement To Resist Trump's Agenda

A few days after the election of Donald Trump two former congressional staffers asked, "What do we do now?" They realized that the Tea Party created a model for local activism that could be transferred to a progressive agenda. They wrote a guide, put it online in December, and now there are over 5800 registered Indivisible groups across the country - including one in Grant County.

Our local Indivisible Group communicates through their Facebook page: Grant County WA Indivisible. Just click "Join" and you will receive regular updates through your Facebook account. By joining Indivisible you will be informed of:
   •  Town Halls where you can speak directly to your Congressman or his staff
   •  Local events attended by your member of congress where you can make your voice heard
   •  District office visits with other Indivisible members to influence policy or legislation
   •  Coordinated phone calls to pressure your legislator to vote your interests on a particular issue or bill.

To learn more about Indivisible and how to resist the Republican's agenda please visit the Indivisible Website. It has become a primary resource for progressive political action.